Clarity vs Understandibility

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ali likes the stars

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German, Persian

in a questionnaire, I want to ask how well a certain input form was understood. "Understand" here simply means they comprehended all the questions asked.
The person answering can give a rating on how easily understandable they thought the input form was.

The string is currently named "Understandability of Input Form".
I am wondering if "Clarity of Input Form" would be the better choice, or maybe "Comprehensibility of Input Form"

For a multitude of reasons, the string cannot have a different structure. Please just advise me on which option is more appropriate.
  • Chez

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    English English
    Both understandability and comprehensibility are very long words. Clarity is shorter but doesn't mean quite the same thing. Can you use a question?:

    How easy was the Input Form (to use)?
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