Clark describes one of Richard's ideas as <"swell">


Swell, referring to "very good" (Longman) or "fine."

But Longman points out that it is old-fashioned and our dictionary says it is informal.

I wonder whether it is still in use today. Is it exactly like what Lois explained (when Clark -Superman says it comfortably)?

  • Clark describes one of Richard's ideas as "swell". In the original movie, Clark also used "swell" as an adjective, to which Lois responded, "You know, Clark, there are very few people left in the world who feel comfortable saying that word." In Superman Returns, they simply give him an incredulous look.

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    Thank you.

    What is mysterious to me is that Lois would have felt it so uncomfortably even if it is informal or old-fashioned. I suspect that "swell" might be highly suggestive to Lois, which is what makes her uncomfortable.


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    What makes you think Lois feels uncomfortable hearing the word "swell"? She is suggesting that most people would not feel comfortable using such an out-of-date word. It makes them appear unfashionable.


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    It's relatively common here in the U.S., especially among techies, e.g. my son, who inhabits the programming world.

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