1. lagartojuancho Member

    NY, USA
    Hola a todos!
    Aun no me queda claro como traducir este término que se refiere a que el profesor dicta(da) clases frente a sus alumnos.
    Clases expositivas= lecture/ lessons/theoretical classes??

    Hay alguna diferencia entre lecture y lessons?

  2. Alexandra721 Member

    United States/ English
    I'm pretty sure this would be "lecture classes" or just a "lecture"
  3. lagartojuancho Member

    NY, USA
    Thanks! I will use lecture then...
  4. Alexandra721 Member

    United States/ English
    To answer your other question- here is my impression about this:

    "Lesson" is usually the specific information and activities the professor prepares for the class on a particular day (for example, "yesterday's lesson in history class was about Abraham Lincoln's role in the civil war" "I planned a lesson on the past participle for my ESL students for Thursday")

    It can also be a private class with one or a small number of students. Examples: tennis lessons, dance lessons, Spanish lessons (versus Spanish class)
    You wouldn't normally say "lesson class."

    Lecture means one person is presenting information orally in front of a group, with the group mostly just listening and not much participation (depending on the professor or presenter).

    Lecture is a false cognate I believe-in English it means speaking, not reading.

    Hope this helps & have a good day,


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