clash,crush, or bump


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What would be the correct verb to choose here?:

I clash with a player trying to catch the ball and had a cuncussion.

Does it sound good to you?
  • la grive solitaire

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    Hi Rich,

    I'd suggest: I ran into/crashed into a player while I was trying to catch the ball and got a concussion.

    "Bumped into" is the only other word that would work, but bumping into someone wouldn't give you a concussion. :D


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    Clash is generally used when things are out of harmony, out of sync. Colours clash, for example, if they don't go together, and music coming from one teenager's bedroom often clashes with the music coming from another teenager's bedroom. When people clash, it's usually a verbal argument (rather than physical contact) because their opinions are not compatible.

    The other two have been well explained by the hermit thrush.
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