classé par rang

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  1. Vega92 New Member


    How would you translate "les pays sont classés par rang"? Countries as ranked by rank? Classified by rank?
    I don't want to simply write "countries are ranked" because what I really mean is: "in this study, countries are classified by rank and in this other study they are ranked into 3 categories : top, medium, bottom". Any idea? thanks in advance!!
  2. oltoinou Member

    I'd say ranked by range ;)
  3. Pickle Posy Senior Member

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    Neither "ranked by range" nor "ranked by rank" really work in English.

    You could say "ranked individually" if you mean that each country is separately rated rather than just put into one of three groups.
  4. Vega92 New Member

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant! I'll write that.
    Thank you very much for both your answers!

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