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If you are a teacher and your class is over and it's time for the students to go.
What would you say to them? Would you say the following you are off to go or I let you go or you can leave.

Thank you.

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    All sorts of valedictory expressions are possible - depending on the mood and status of the institution, the class, the variable degree of familiarity between class and tutor, the time of day &c.

    "That is all, thank you, good afternoon."
    "Right. That's it. Any more questions?"
    "Time to go home"
    "Now go and be nice to your pets/mother/Facebook friends"
    "Stand up. Class dismissed"
    "You can go now"

    The appropriate linguistic register depends here entirely on the social context.


    Antoine Meyer

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    You could say something like this:

    1. Good afternoon, class (if it is the afternoon).
    2. Class, you are dismissed.
    3. You may leave, class.
    4. Have a good evening/afternoon, class.
    5. See you tomorrow, class.

    You could add words such as "goodbye" or "enjoy the rest of your day/ the evening, class" to the above examples.
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    Would you say the following you are off to go or I let you go or you can leave
    There are many ways of saying this, and you'll find a small selection above this post. The three underlined options are improbable at best.

    Since we don't collate lists on this forum, I'm closing this thread.

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