Classic distribution potential


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Dear all,
this is from the story by Adam Johnson Hurricanes Anonymous.

"I got the boy his shots, okay?"
"That's good, Randall, ... have you ever seen a child with rubella? My Lord, and this is when it happens, after a disaster. Classic distribution potential.

I can see that this is something (pseudo-?)scientific, something like Gaussian (normal) distribution. But why "potential"? Could you explain the sentence in question please?
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    Potential (n.) -> possibility; future capability to perform (in a particular way)

    Classic distribution = Gaussian (normal) distribution

    Classic distribution potential." -> It has the capability of being distributed in the usual statistical manner.


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    I see. Thank you, PaulQ. But what is distributed? The number of rubella's victims? The number of rubella pathogens? I understand that this is not told in the text, but can we guess what the protagonist is speaking about?
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