Classification of all drivers as one group

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Karen123456, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Karen123456 Senior Member

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    I am aware motorists are car drivers. However, in our newspapers, lorry drivers and drivers of other vehicles, including motorcyclists, are included as motorists. How do natives classify all the drivers, including motorcyclists, as one group?

  2. morior_invictus

    morior_invictus Senior Member

    ..."drivers?" :) I think it`s a general term that covers all of that. But I may be wrong.
  3. Franco-filly Senior Member

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    I can only think of "road users":rolleyes: but that would presumably include pedal-cyclists.
  4. Myridon

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    It would help to have an example sentence and context of why they are grouped together. Motorized vs not motorized? License to drive vs no license needed? There may be no simple solution.
  5. Karen123456 Senior Member

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    Motorists should drive safely at all times
    is a sentence I can think of. In the sentence, it would include motorcyclists and drivers of all other vehicles. Sentences like this appear in our local newspapers.
  6. PaulQ

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    I think "motorists" is wide enough to encompass motorcyclists. Otherwise, the difficulty is that car/van/lorry drivers drive, but motorcyclists ride.

    If I were to read, "Motorists should drive at less than 30mph." I would not think that, as I was on a motorcycle, I could drive at 100mph.
  7. Parla Senior Member

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    When I see either "drivers" or "motorists", I think of drivers of automotive vehicles, meaning both cars and trucks (BE lorries). I don't think of either word as including people on motorcycles. And I don't know of a word (that I can think of right now, anyway) that would include all of them.

    But I think a road sign reading SPEED LIMIT 65 M.P.H. would apply to all.
  8. PaulQ

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    In all fairness, if you hear on the radio, "Motorists are advised that there are zombies on the New Jersey Turnpike.", even if you were on your Hog with ape-hangers, you would take note.

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