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  1. tevcat

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    Hi, I got a question.
    If I am writing a formal text and need to refer to a particular place in a law, code or another document of this kind, what is the best (grammatically speaking) way to do this? Here is an example of what I mean:
    Say, I need to mention paragraph 4 of clause 3 of article 2 of chapter 1 of a law (any other legal document), what is the best way to put it avoiding so many ofs?
  2. Glasguensis

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    Chapter 1, Article 2, Clause 3, Paragraph 4
  3. tevcat

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    Thank you, Glasguensis. But then,
    - Is it okay to say Chapter 1, Article 2, Clause 3, Paragraph 4 of the Civil Code (I mean the preposition and the word order)?
    - Does one always have to proceed from the largest unit (chapter) to the smallest one (paragraph) or there can be options?
    - Are such terms more grammatically correct when capitalized?
  4. e2efour

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    It seems somewhat clumsy to write out all these words in full. There are abbreviations like ch. and s. etc.

    Also it is not clear that chapter comes before article; it depends on the law. But the largest unit should come first in my view.
  5. Glasguensis

    Glasguensis Signal Modulation

    English - Scotland
    In line with what e2efour has said, it is more usual to define a convention and then use the convention for references. For example Paragraph 1.2.3-4 of the Civil Code
  6. tevcat

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    Thank you again,
    but I don't understand what you mean by
    I mean, I see that you mean some kind of abbreviation, but how exactly did you come to "Paragraph 1.2.3-4"?
  7. pob14 Senior Member

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    American English
    In the US, each code (we have lots of them) has its own numbering system, and each system has a proper method of citation. You can't give a general rule.
  8. tevcat

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    Ah, now I see.
    Thank you all for help!

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