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Hi, I am working on a file for Koton, a clothing brand, can someone explain how can a colour be "clean-cut"?

TheCasual Blazer range incorporates a palette of classic navy, white, beige and understated neutral tones. Reflecting strong, clean-cut colours, the subtly patterned cotton blazer can be worn both with and without a tie and shirt, ensuring that the Koton blazer becomes one of this season’s ‘must-have’ wardrobe essentials.

Thank you
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    I suspect that "clean-cut colors" means nothing more than "solid colors". If you have pictures of those blazers, you could easily verify or disprove that idea.


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    "Beige and understated neutral tones" bring to mind those colors that make you say "What color is that? Is it beige, tan, ecru, bisque, eggshell, off-white? I can't tell." They might mean colors that make you say "Wow! That's really red!"


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    From what I could see, translation lover, most of the clothing that I would call "blazers" were solids. However, I did see a couple of pictures of blazers that were patterned with various designs. I looked at the "Women's" section. In the "Men's" section, I didn't see anything but shirts.


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    I would say that "clean-cut" colours meant distinct colours - ie, there would not be two shades of a colour (blue, for instance) that are close together and could be confused.


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    Clean-cut is not an adjective that ordinarily applies to colors (at least not in my experience). It is normally used to describe people who are clean, neat and respectable in appearance. I see by the dictionary that it can also mean "clearly outlined," but the "clean, neat and respectable person" meaning is a lot more common.

    But even if "clearly outlined" is the intended meaning, I don't quite see how colors can be both clearly outlined and "subtly patterned." So I think the copywriters were playing with the more common definition, and what is meant is that the colors are clean and perhaps crisp in appearance. Classic combinations such as navy and white or beige and white can look crisp and neat.

    But hey, I am just guessing.
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