Clear as mud <vs.> Clear as water


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what is the meaning of "clear as mud"? Does it mean it is absolutely clear (clear as water) or the contrary or both, depending on context in context of reasoning?

The question results from a German idiom, that means it is absolutely clear and is translated as "clear as mud" in dictionaries.

Example: Your answer is clear as mud.

(If it means always "unclear" the dictionaries give wrong translations. If it means "clear as water" in an ironical way, the translations are correct.)
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    Hello, Hutschi. :)

    Mud is not clear at all, and 'clear as mud' is used say that something is not at all clear.
    It is often used ironically. It someone explains something to you, and you end up completely confused, you might say, "Thanks. That was as clear as mud."


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    You are correct.
    If someone were to tell me that my answer to a question they posted was 'clear as mud', I would feel very bad.


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    The converse of "clear as mud" (completely unclear) is "clear as crystal." (totally clear.)
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