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kazuhiko fudaba

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In the article of the Washington Poat: Americans incleasingly see climate change as a crisis, poll shows, there is a sentence as follows.

Instead, clear majorities say they would prefer that climate initiatives be funded by increasing the taxes on wealthy households
and on companies that burn fossil fuels.

Question) In this sentence does the word "clear" mean perfect, doesn't it ? Am I right?

Thank you.
Kazu Fudaba
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    What would a 'perfect majority' be? I'm not even sure what a clear majority is: is it more than 50%, or is it significantly more than 50% (i.e. does it 'clear' the 50% mark, or is it so large that it is clear that a majority are in favour?)?


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    I don't think perfect majority has any discernible meaning.

    Clear majority means a majority larger than any polling error or mistaken methodology or temporary blip could be responsible for.
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