clear the bridge! dive!


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Hi everyone,

Perhaps someone could explain what the nautical phrase "clear the bridge" actually means? I can't seem to get the hang of it.

Thanks a lot.
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    It means to get off the bridge of the submarine (which I figure it is, since the next order is "Dive!")


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    From Wikipedia: Submarine:

    A raised tower on top of a submarine accommodates the periscope and electronics masts, which can include radio, radar, electronic warfare, and other systems including the snorkel mast. In many early classes of submarines (see history), the control room, or "conn", was located inside this tower, which was known as the "conning tower". Since then, the conn has been located within the hull of the submarine, and the tower is now called the "sail". The conn is distinct from the "bridge", a small open platform in the top of the sail, used for observation during surface operation.

    In other words, the bridge is in the open air when the submarine is on the surface.


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    People standing on the bridge:

    Two men standing on the bridge, one sitting on top of the sail, and one standing in the lookout puka:

    (Yes, it looks like they're standing in the bridge, but we say on.)
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