Clear the lulla!

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    Hello, how do you understand the phrase: "Clear the lulla!"was the general cry...when all the boys...were out enjoing the first good snow of the season. Is it the same as "clear the way"?
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    Thank you so much
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    Philomel, with melody,
    Sing in our sweet lullaby;
    Lulla, lulla, lullaby; lulla, lulla, lullaby!

    Сладкогласный соловей,
    С нашей песней песню слей!
    Баю, баю, баю, баю, баю, баю, баю, бай!

    I'm thinking of the impression which the children have got while seeing the white soft fluffy Christmas snow - looking as clear as a cradle.
    In Russian one could say something like:

    Ух ты! Ну просто баю-бай!
    Прямо люлюшки-люли!

    meaning that he is ready to jump into the snow without any doubt, like into the cradle

    Of course, it's my personal opinion :)

    BTW, according to Dal's dictionary разлюли stands for раздолье, потеха
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    Thank you. It was an interesting idea although unexpected a bit.

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