cleared weapons hot at the merge


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In the movie Green Lantern they do a flying test,
two actual pilots vs two robots (you might say).
When the actual pilots go on air the control guy is saying:
Sapphire (on of the pilot's code name), cleared weapons hot
at the merge.
And she replies:
Ferris (the name of the company) Test, Sapphire. Weapons are hot.

What does he mean by "cleared weapons hot at the merge"?
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    This might be meaningless nonsense intended to sound impressive, but it might be jargon used among fighter pilots and their ground controllers that only a fighter pilot or ground controller would know.

    I believe that "hot" in reference to weapons on a fighter plane means that the weapons have been "armed" or "activated," turned on so that they can actually be launched and will explode (or whatever) when they hit a target. For practice and maneuvers, weapons like bombs and missiles might be loaded onto (attached to) a fighter plane but certain switches would be set so that they could not be fired inadvertently or accidentally, in the absence of a real war. If those safety measures are turned off or overridden, the weapons are hot. At least, that's my understanding of that particular term. I can't help with the rest.
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