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How would you say "cleats" in Spanish. As in the shoes you wear for soccer and football?

I had a student use the word "cornamusa" that she got off of some site, but I thought that meant "bagpipes." What else does "cornamusa" mean?
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    I've never heard the word "cornamusa", but this may help you with the Spanish word for "cleats". I've always said either "zapatillas de fútbol" or "botas de clavos"

    Edited to add: I just realized we also say "botas de fútbol", possibly more often than we call them "zapatillas"
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    "cornmusa" is also a term for "amarre"-----a two pronged hook to secure a rope--------"cleat".

    "cleats" is also used for the "studs" on footware for football--------"tacos" is a common term used.



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    Botines are the shoes themselves. The cleats are tacos, tacones or tapones depending on the geographic area it's used.
    In this geographic area, tapones. (And botín / botines. In Spain they use bota / botas).
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