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Chinese, Taiwan
Hi, everyone.

The following explanation comes from a dictionary.
cleavage: the space between a woman’s breasts that can be seen above a dress that does not completely cover them.

My question is when we want to say the similar space between a person's buttocks, should we still use the word 'cleavage'?

Thanks in advance for your comments.
  • Mr Bones

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    España - Español
    I'm not a native speaker, but I don't really think so. And frankly I don't understand how you can do that either. It sounds funny, but difficult.


    Harry Batt

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    USA English
    An orthopedic friend of mine never divulged the medical name and always referred to it as "the crack in the ass." I think stezza's tradesman's cleavage describes it in the more acceptable way.


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    Believe it or not......the bit of separation that shows between your big toe and the second toe while wearing pumps is now called toe cleavage. :rolleyes:
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