Cleave him to the brisket

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    What could be the translation of "cleave him to the brisket" into Spanish? thanks
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    Please could we have the context? Whatever it is, it sounds gruesome!
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    spain spanish
    “Peter Pan the avenger!” came the terrible answer; and as he spoke Peter flung off his cloak. Then they all knew who ’twas that had been undoing them in the cabin, and twice Hook essayed to speak and twice he failed. In that frightful moment I think his fierce heart broke.
    At last he cried, “Cleave him to the brisket!” but without conviction.

    Hope this helps. Thanks
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    Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal (source Wikipedia)

    If you strike someone with a sword and cut down from his shoulder to his lower chest... it's time to get out a bin-bag (a black plastic sack).

    This is 'pirate-speak', by the way "Shiver me timbers! Arrr, Jim lad" and all that sort of stuff.

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    spain spanish
    thanks for helping

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