Clever vs. intelligent

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In un paragrafo di una recensione sulla prima esecuzione mondiale del pezzo Totentanz del compositore inglese contemporaneo (oggi quarantenne) Thomas Adès, si legge

As one would expect of a first class Cambridge grad with honorary doctorates and prizes galore - who is only 42 and liked by the French - Adès' dance is clever and reflexive; but this cleverness does not overwhelm the music. Instead, it is an intelligent, highly emotional work, which bravely and creatively explores the theme of fear of death, confronting us with often contradictory emotional landscapes. It is, in other words, quite brilliant.
(parole evidenziate da me)

Vorrei sapere come spieghereste la differenza tra il termine "clever" e il termine "intelligent" in questo testo. Sembra che il primo indichi una sorta di intellettualismo freddo e calcolato, mentre il secondo è accoppiato a "emotional", "bravely" e "creatively"...
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    'clever' often has more 'cunning'/'skilful' connotations, while intelligent means more intellectually talented.

    This seems in part to be the differentiation here: in the first instance it is about the bodily ingenuity of the dance while in the second it is about the overall, thought-out and cultured intention of the piece.

    ('clever' could almost be used in both cases, whereas you couldn't say, 'the dance is intelligent and reflexive')

    Please tell me if I was of any use.
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