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Hi, I am translating this sentence (about the latest videoconferencing systems) to Italian:

XXX is the enhancement of XXX that provides the user with the capability to have the video client in standard SIP point to point and hence free the MCU ports for heavier processing of Multiparty conferences

My try is:

XXX è il miglioramento di XXX che fornisce all'utente la possibilità di avere il client video in SIP standard point-to-point e quindi libera le porte MCU per processare conferenze Multiparty più pesanti.

I actually do not understand these technical words so I guess I am writing many stupid things!! Some help????
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    As you know, this is very technical, and many things like "SIP" and "MCU" are not translated.
    HERE you can see an example of "point-to-point" untranslated, and also "punto-punto" as the appropriate translation.

    Otherwise, I think you've got the idea on the translation.