climb aboard for some wicked green fun!

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There are whispers that the joint stock company - and indeed the passengers - have been touring the capital city illegally. But as the road laws don't cover electric cars, no-one is sure under what law to prosecute should the need arise.
Until they sort it out, climb aboard for some wicked green fun!


Could you help me understand the bold sentence?
I really can't understand the phrase "some wicked green fun".
  • dadane

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    'Wicked' is an interesting one because it could mean 'illegal' or 'good'. 'Green' simply means 'environmentally friendly'. Basically it means 'make the most of the situation and be naughty and environmentally friendly at the same time'.


    American English
    "wicked" just means "very", in my opinion. It's an intensifier, heard most often on the East Coast of the USA.

    ... climb aboard for some very green fun ...


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    'Wicked' can also mean 'very good' and is used in a similar way to 'cool'. It is also a stand-alone interjection, e.g. "I've got us tickets to the match", "Wicked!". Not sure how widespread this usage is, but it is extremely common in London/Estuary.
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