climb up [more formal term?]

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I wish to replace the verb "climb up" with a word more appropriate to the rest of the article I am writing which is rather formal. Please make suggestions.

"After a sojourn in Moscow from 1933 to 1937 Khalid Bakdash had been able to climb his way up to party leader."
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    Although I can see no problem with "climb up", perhaps you would prefer "work his way up", "push his way up", or even "wiggle his way up". They have slightly different meanings or suggestions.


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    "rise," perhaps?

    "Bakdash rose to party leader" or "B. managed to rise to party leader."

    Or if someone helped him rise to that position, you could use "elevate," "promote," or "raise" in the passive:

    "Bakdash was elevated/promoted/raised to party leader."
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