climbed from mid-January’s lows of less than $30.


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Hello, my friends,

I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic:

The oil price’s recent rally stalled, after reports that a planned meeting in Moscow this month to discuss an output freeze by several countries would not take place. Brent crude, the global benchmark, slipped back below $40 a barrel; it had climbed from mid-January’s lows of less than $30.

THOUGHTS AND CONTEXT: It is from Economist Espresso. I assume something should climb from a specific number but I don't understand climbed from mid- January's lows of less than $30.

The world in brief, March 11th 2016
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    Yes, it's idiomatic. The price of crude climbed from its low point of under $30, which it hit in January, then it reached $40, then it slipped back a bit again.


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    Why should it be a specific number? If I say I climbed a mountain I wouldn't generally mention at what altitude I started unless I was giving a very detailed technical description.
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