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My cousin knows that I earned some money during the summer vacation but she doesn’t know I’ve used a large amount of the money. The other day she asked me to buy her something, which is worth 1,000 yuan and I told her I am going to talk to one prospective client later if I succeed, I’ll buy her that toy. At that time I said:

Wish me clinch the deal.

I guess this is natural and idiomatic in both AE and BE with such a context, am I right?
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    I can't speak for BE, but it would be neither natural nor idiomatic in AE. It's not grammatically correct, nor would we apply the expression "clinch the deal" to tutoring a young student.


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    Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
    Thanks a lot, Parla.

    Since the context is about my getting a tutoring work from a perspective client, and I'll buy my cousin something, can I say:

    Wish me succeed.

    If she keeps asking me for it but I still don't know whether I can get it?
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