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Can u first tell me what clincher means and then give me another good example? Is it used in written language or oral English?
Here is the context:
Paul, a vice chairman at one of the big four accounting firms, told us his job has gotten so huge that each day more things are left undone. "The clincher," he said, "is that the importance of the things I'm not getting to is greater than it used to be."
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    In this context it means, "the straw that broke the camel's back'.
    The final thing on top of a list of other irritations.


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    Could you tell me how to use this word "clincher" in other contexts? Give me some other examples! Thanks!
    Clincher is an informal word. I do not encounter it in print other than as a quote of spoken language.
    clinch vb 3 (tr) to settle (something, such as an agrument, bargain, etc.) in a definite way.
    clincher n 1 informal something decisive, such as a fact, score, etc.

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