clinical, conducted in, as if in a clinic and direct observation of patients

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clinical = relating to a clinic or conducted in or as if in a clinic and depending on direct observation of patients.

I think clinical has three meanings in the above text.

I understood first meaning. But I couldn't understand the second meaning (conducted in), and third meaning (as observation of meanings).

Moreover, I think here direct observation of patients means (complied with patients)

Could you help me on this?
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    Hi user_gary,

    Clinical means anything related to a clinic or any activity performed in a clinic (conducted in a clinic) or appearing to have been performed in a clinic (or as if in a clinic), that involves examining the patient (depending on direct observation of the patient).

    I hope that helps.


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    Hi Gary:

    Clinical may have a variety of meanings.

    Anything that has anything to do with what goes on in a clinic could be considered to be clinic-al.

    Before a new drug can be approved, their must be clinical studies of its effectiveness and safety. Yes, it must be used with actual patients, not just experiments on dogs etc.

    Clinical can also refer to an attitude or state of mind that is objective and not affected by emotions.

    Doctors are sometimes accused of being too "clinical" in their approach, and treating patients as if they are "diseases" rather than living, unique persons.

    If something has been clinically tested it is more likely to be valid than something that has only anecdotal evidence supporting it,
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