clipping her words

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India-Local dialect
This is a frame from story in a novel. (No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay)

The husband was trying to comfort his wife who was panicking about her daughter's safety, since a stranger said something frightening to her. She told her husband once before what that stranger said. The husband told her to repeat it once more. " I told you", she said, clipping her words.

What does 'clipping her words' mean?
  • tepatria

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    Canadian English
    She was annoyed that he asked her to repeat what she said and when she answered her words were pronounced in a short, terse way, as though she clipped off the words with scissors. This is not an easy expression to define, bur usually this means the speaker is annoyed or tense.


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    British English (Midlands)
    Another way of putting it is that she was "abrupt" - that is, she did not elaborate but spoke imperatively to make her husband recall what she told him.


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    USA, English
    Some people speak with a relaxed cadence--in normal conversation I think most people do.

    But under stress the cadence becomes shortened and picks up a sense of staccato. That is what I understand "clipped" to mean.
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