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Hi. I am writing an adventure story (kind of Indiana Jones :) ) about finding a clock that can set time backwards - so basically a time machine. I am writing it in English and I would like to call it "Clock of times". I have been wondering though if the phrase even makes any sense at all. I don't have many problems with grammar or vocabulary, I just can't figure out if the title would sound good, English. Do you think I should go for it ? Does the title "Clock of times" (or maybe "THE clock of times" ??) evoke any ideas, expectations, images ?

Many thanks for your advice
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    Perhaps the Clock of Times -- only after reading your story will people understand it, but that's true of many things, so it shouldn't be a major worry. Of greater concern is that Clock of Times can sound a bit clunky the 30th time you read it.

    There's also the TimeClock or Time Clock (like time machine -- or the time clock at work) and History Clock.
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