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  1. jakartaman Senior Member

    Can I use either "put on the lid" or "close the lid" to mean putting a lid over a container to cover it?

    If that's the case, I guess I can use either "take off the lid" or "open the lid" to mean uncovering a container.

    Am I correct? Many thanks in advance. :)
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    For me, the difference lies in whether or not the lid is attached to the container.

    If I have a sugar bowl, for example, with a lid that comes completely off, I would use "put on the lid" (or, more likely, "put the lid on").

    If I have a tea canister with a lid attached by a hinge to the container itself, I would use "close the lid" 0r "close the canister."

    The same would be true for "take off the lid" and "open the lid."
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  3. jakartaman Senior Member

    OK, that totally makes sense. Like a door, there's a difference between "close the door" and "put the door on." Thank you, Florentia :)

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