close to taking over

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  1. hotaru

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    Is Jon Gruden close to taking over Miami Hurricanes?

    NHPC close to taking over Rs 9,000cr Tipaimukh hydel project.

    Finally there is the extraordinary prominence of the bass, close to taking over the leading role from the guitar.

    Facebook is dangerously close to taking over my life.

    ¿Por qué se usa close + to + taking over? taking over si sé que es, pero no entiendo el close to.

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  2. MillyMal Member

    English - Scotland
    Es como:

    cerca de/ casi ha tomado control.

    Facebook has nearly taken over your life.
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  3. Andoush

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    Spanish (Argentina)
    Claro, "in Europe it is close to bedtime, now", i.e. "almost bedtime" ;).

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