Closely follow up vs closely follow

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Closely follow up on this matter please.

Follow up closely on this matter please.

Are they both right?

  • dojibear

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    They both sound strange to me. I don't think you can apply "closely" to "follow up".

    You can "pay close attention to this matter".
    You can "follow" a person or thing "closely".
    You can "follow up on this matter".

    All of those, I understand. "Follow up closely" I do not understand.

    "Follow up" is an English phrasal verb: a 2-word phrase, used as a verb, with its own meaning and usage. So applying "closely" to "follow up" is not the same as applying "closely" to "follow". They are different verbs.


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    Closely doesn't really work with any of these definitions:

    follow up on:
    — try to get more information about [something]
    — do something in response to [something] / take appropriate action about [something]

    follow [something] up:
    — pursue or investigate something further
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