Closer to ancient Basque than Greek is to Ancient Greek

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  1. fumala22 Member

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    How would you say this complicated phrase in Spanish?

    "Modern Basque is closer to ancient Basque than modern Greek is to ancient Greek" (referring to the languages)

    I'm really confused! Thanks a lot
  2. gengo

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    El vasco moderno es más cercano al vasco antiguo que el griego moderno lo es al griego antiguo.
  3. Quique Alfaro

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    El vasco moderno es más parecido al vasco antiguo que el griego moderno al griego clásico.
  4. jmx

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    There are many possible translations, such as those already posted. My preference would be:

    El vasco/eusquera moderno y el antiguo están más cerca que el griego moderno respecto al antiguo.

    By the way, I'm just curious, who says that?
  5. Milton Sand

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    My suggestion:

    «El vasco moderno es más similar al antiguo que el griego moderno al clásico.»

    You don't really need to repeat «vasco» and «griego». That's what articles-before-adjectives are for; I mean, the article in "al" (a + el).

    I think this sense of "closer" is actually meaning "more similar."

  6. fumala22 Member

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    I'm doing research and it's in a book that I read. I believe it's called Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky.

    Gracias a todos!

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