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Hello helpers,

Is it correct to use the term "cloth export" to signify the business of buying and selling clothes?
"Textiles" cannot be used, because I need a term that covers ready-to-wear clothes and not just the material.

Many thanks in advance!
  • JustKate

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    If I read "cloth exports," I'd assume that you just meant the material, not the clothing made from it. Is there a website or something where you can check to see what the standard term used in the industry might be? Otherwise, if I wanted to indicate both material and clothing, I'd say something like "exports (both material and ready-to-wear)."


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    As JustKate said, there may be a standard term in the industry. Otherwise you could say "clothing exports" (meaning just clothing) or "cloth and clothing exports" if you mean both the textile material and ready-made clothing.
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