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    2. The word 'clothes' always takes a plural form. But I wonder if its meaning is always plural?
    For example I found these sentences.

    2-1) This clothes is now worn to a thread.
    2-2) My clothes are worn to tatters.
    2-3) The clothes is made of fur.
    2-4) My clothes are wet and cling to my body.
    2-5) His clothes are old-fashioned and worn.

    I'm really confused.
    In cases of 2-1) and 2-3), does each of them mean one piece of clothing or not?
    Which is correct between 'this clothes' and 'these clothes'?

    I appreciate any of your replies whenever I get that on this forum.
    And again, thanks a lot for your help in advance.
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    "Clothes" is always construed in the plural, never in the singular, even if only one "article of clothing" or "piece of clothing" is being discussed. If you do want to discuss just one item, and use singular verbs, pronouns, and demonstrative adjectives, you have to use one of the phrases I just mentioned, "clothing," or the noun for the specific item, which sometimes (but not in the case of "trousers" or "pants") can be construed in the singular: shirt, skirt, jacket, coat, etc.

    The clothes is made of fur.:cross::cross:
    The clothes are made of fur.:tick:
    The clothing is made of fur.:tick:
    The jacket is made of fur.:tick:
    The coats are made of fur.:tick:
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    Here is a further discussion of the question in a different context:
    Is there or are there any clothes?

    You will also find more discussion on the difference between clothes and clothing mentioned by Fabulist by putting clothes clothing into the search box at the top of the page. (Or you can click the link I made.)
  4. A single unspecified item of clothing is a garment.


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