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    Please provide a sentence where the phrase appears and/or any additional information that may be relevant in shedding some light on what you're asking about. Without this, it is impossible to give a good answer to your question.


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    If the sentence came from a book I would provide a better context. The way it is now it doesn't make sense, unless it's an expression used outside the U.S. I can only think of one expression that even comes close to what you wrote but it is not a good thing. We say "X has his/her head in the clouds". This means the person is not in touch with the reality of a certain situation. As you can tell, this wouldn't be the type of person a woman would want to date.

    Maybe the author is trying to say a man that is usually in good/happy mood.


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    Two definitions from the Urban Dictionary (including grammatical errors):

    cloudy 8 up, 1 down / love it hate it
    a term used to describe someone who is slightly high and acts a little goofy.
    " why would u say a statement like that?"
    "sorry man i'm just a little cloudy."

    Cloudy 4 up, 6 down / love it hate it
    Broad, sharp and damn cute.
    Everyones favourite hunk, blond smooth hair and golden smile.
    wow, what a cloudy guy
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