clove cigarette, snuff, betel

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English and Spanish
Good Morning Everyone,
I am translating the offenses which may cause a student to be recommended for expulsion according to California Education Code.
Although I am able to translate and conjugate without a problem, these terms I am still not familiar with and have to to with illegal substances.
I apologize for not attempting to give an equivalent in Spanish but the literal translation I am sure will simply not work, i.e. clove cigarette = cigarrillo de trébol/clavo. I know there must be a different term for these controlled substances in their various forms. If any of you is familiar with their names in Spanish, I will be greatful to hear their translation to español.
  • jmale

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    Betel nut is an intoxicant sometimes used by people of Asian Indian heritage. I don't think there is an American or Spanish word for it. Rapé is a word used for snuff: a powdered tobacco that is snorted through the nose.



    English and Spanish
    Hello jmale,
    I thank you for the valuable information you are sharing with me. I will make a note of the definitions for future reference and will utilize them in my translation. I appreciate the time you took to reply to my cry for help.
    A smile for you and best wishes!


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    So how do we translate clove cigarette? Is Rapé a spanish word for snuff then?

    Thanks. I'm working on the same translation, it seems (Suspension/expulsion) using Education Code and Health and Safety Code...
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