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    Hi fellows, how are you? Can you help me with this?

    How would you translate this word, "club", to Latin? I mean a social club, whose members have a common interest, like hunting, fishing, gardening, literature, football, politics, reading the Bible, programming languages, arts, whatever. I don't know if there is a classical word for that, if not, I'm ok with a modern Latin word.

    Furthermore, how could I translate the title of the club, e. g. "The Eagle Club" or something like that to Latin? Should I use genitive?
  2. wandle

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    For 'club' you could say sodalitas or sodalicium.

    For "The Eagle Club" you could say Aquilae Sodalitas: 'the association of the eagle'.
    This is very vague, though. It uses 'eagle' just as a name.
    If the club has some special purpose to do with eagles, you may want the title to reflect it.
  3. Casquilho Senior Member

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    sodalitas is good, thank you. Indeed a search for sodalitas in Vicipaedia returned many entries. And yes, the 'eagle' in my example is but a name, so Aquilae Sodalistas is good.

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