CMM (acronym of a title?)


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Hello everybody,
does anybody know what CMM stands for?
It must be a title of some sort (MBA, PhD...), but I'm not able to find it anywhere.

Following is the text in which I've found it (I have to translate into Italian): it's a short CV of a manager, here renamed John Smith:

Co-founder of XX Europe John Smith, CMM (1970) is a bespoke new media and online collaboration specialist... (and so on).

Thank you for your help!
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    I think it is a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine if it is a hardware manufacturing company.
    There's also certification like course for this. People are also quoting it as qualification. So it should be Co-ordination Measuring Machines.
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    In which area is John Smith likely to be using his skills? "new-media business" is a little vague.


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    I suspect it's "Certified Marketing [something]" or "Certified Media [something]." One such certification, Certified Marketing Manager, is described on this page. It is from the U.S. I suspect* the quote is from a U.K. source, as suggested by its use of the word "bespoke." There may be a different certification with the same acronym in the U.K.

    *Context is a requirement of this forum. Context is not just the words before and after a term in question. The source of something like this is an important part of its context.


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    Google reveals that "John Smith" (not his real name) is from the Netherlands so CMM could stand for something in Dutch as well.


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    Google yields: Certification in Meeting Management.

    (I like "Calcified Mesolithic Mastodon" :D)

    Can we have more context? What field is the applicant in? What are his other qualifications?


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    Google also reveals "John Smith" was born in 1959. CMM seems to be something that was bestowed on him at the age of 21 (in 1970).
    I haven't checked Google, but wouldn't that make him 11 in 1970? A bit young to be getting a professional certification in anything, I think. If that's what it is, one or both of those dates must be off.


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    Hi all,
    sorry for the delay in answering.

    Yes, 1970 is the year of birth, so, no certification at the age of 11 ;)

    I think I'll go with the Certification in Meeting Management, although what puzzles me is that even at the business school where he studied I couldn't find a title/course/master that would match our acronym...:rolleyes:
    Oh well, I'll also suggest to my client "the coward option"... leave it as it is!! :D

    Thank you all for your time, have a good night (or day, depending on where you are)!

    I forgot:
    (I like "Calcified Mesolithic Mastodon" :D
    Shall I dare this one? :D:D:D


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    The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations (a British book) says that CMM is a computing term and stands for Capability and Maturity Model; also, in Canada only, Commander of the Order of Military Merit.

    If it's US: Certified Money Manager?

    The pianist

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    "---a bespoke new media and online collaboration specialist... (and so on)."

    CMM = Chief Marketing Manager.
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