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    Our dictionary defines waybill as "a list of passengers or goods being carried on a vehicle."

    Does that fit the context? Will you please provide some context? (It's required you know. ;))


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    Sorry, it is still the contract for the delivery of some goods. In one of the clause they have "a CMR-note" and in the other "a waybill". Can not catch the difference... :-(


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    I haven't, myself, heard of a CMR-note, but this website suggests it's used in the context of international road transport. The initials evidently derive from an international convention:
    The Convention des Marchandises Routiers (CMR), specifying conditions for the international carriage of goods by road, is used for road freight between many European countries. It confirms receipt of the goods by the carrier, in good condition unless specified otherwise.

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    : Official shipping document that travels with a shipment, identifies its consignor, consignee, origin and destination, describes the goods, and shows their weight and freight. Prepared by the shipping company for its internal record and control, it is neither a contract of carriage nor a negotiable instrument."
    The primary purpose of a waybill is to provide information about a shipment. Waybills are commonly used for shipments by road (in Europe CMR waybill/note*), by boat (Bill of Lading), or by air (Air Waybill). They are usually made available by the shipper as paper forms or online electronic forms and, in most instances, are filled out by the shipper. Further information may be found here.

    "* CMR (Consignment) Note: Standardized document for cross-border transport of cargo by road, based on UN recommendations for uniform international rules and in force in the European Union."
    The CMR-note is a consignment note for international transports by truck (within the European Union).

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