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    Hi, I am working on a translation that is full of abbreviations in a spreadsheet. It is to do with harbour traffic. A similar page can be found online at: Does anybody have any idea what the below abbreviations are, or where I might find a comprehensive list of full terms?

    ESL. - ?
    MTS - meters?
    CNT.M/GRAL - ?
    MVTO - movement?
    TAPAS-R/S - ?
    CNTD - quantity?
    LH - ?

    Any assistance received with thanks.

  2. Oldy Nuts

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    I can guess the following:

    ESL = eslora = length
    MTS = metros = meters
    CNT.M/Gral = cantidad de movimientos/general = number of movements/general (with doubts!)
    TAPAS-R/S (not enough context for a guess)
    LS (not enough data for a guess).

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