coś do lekcji / dla lekcji

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How could you say "something for the lesson" (like sheets, notes, copybook, xerox... useful for a lesson)?
  • Marga H

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    To jest potrzebne do lekcji. = It is useful for a lesson/for lessons.
    also you can say:
    To jest potrzebne na lekcję.
    and also:
    To będzie potrzebne na lekcji / w czasie lekcji /podczas lekcji = during lesson
    dla lekcji :cross:


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    If by saying "something for the lesson" you mean: something which will be needed on one of the lessons i.e. tomorrow - it's "rzeczy potrzebne na lekcje/lekcję" things which are generally needed at school, the general term for pens, notebooks etc. - it's "przybory szkolne"


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    Dzisiaj mam coś [nowego] na lekcję albo do lekcji?
    Tak, Denis, obie wersje są dobre.

    Dzisiaj mam coś nowego do lekcji. = which is thematically connected with the lesson, I associate it with sth new to talk about etc...

    Dzisiaj mam coś nowego na lekcję. = sounds almost the same.... but I would say so if I prepared something else than the handout for my students ... something material. But it's my way of distinguishing the two. You can use both without taking care of the nuances!


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    You can also say: coś na zajęcia (this is what I usually say when I am at uni, but you can use it when refering to lessons in any establishement).

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