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Marga H

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Hi everyone,
I need the English translation of Polish sentence: Co z tego, że X zna siedem języków, jeśli w żadnym z nich nie powiedział nic interesującego.
My try: X can speak seven languages , yet he can't say anything interesting in neither of them.
That's a free translation and I am still looking for the better one, especially for an English equivalent of " co z tego, że.."
"So what " sounds rude, doesn't it? Any help?
Thanks in advance.
  • tkekte

    Senior Member
    I will try, even though I'm bad at stylistics. :p
    X may know seven languages, but what good is that, if he never said anything worthwhile in any of them?
    Perhaps "what good/what use" might be a nice replacement that doesn't sound rude.


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    How about changing the sentence a bit? It doesn't matter X speaks 7 languages if he never said anything interesting in any of them. - To nie ma znaczenia, że X mówi siedmioma językami, jeśli w żadnym nigdy nie powiedział niczego interesującego.


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    polszczyzna warszawska
    Here are some of my attempts:
    It's not important that X knows seven languages since he hasn't said anything interesting in any of them.
    Even though X knows seven languages it's no good since he hasn't said anything interesting in any of them.

    Anyway, I really like tkekte's suggestion.

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