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  1. Bito Member

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    I would like to know what type of cheese is queijo coalhio. I'm trying to make tapioca but the recipe in Portuguese I have calls for queijo coalhio and I cannot find the translation. It's not goat cheese so can somebody please give me the translation in English.
    Muito obrigada,
  2. mglenadel

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    It's a local cheese. The best I can do is tell you what it is like, so you can find something similar.

    Queijo coalho is a fresh cow's milk cheese, in which the curds are precipitated with a culture of bacteria found in goats' stomachs. The texture of the cheese is rubbery and crumbly at the same time, the cheese is white in color and usually salty. I believe the cheese itself is rather similar to early, yet-uncured Parmesan.

    If you can't find a cheese just like it, I'd suggest fresh cheeses, perhaps ewe's milk cheeses. But remember, tapioca is bland and needs extra flavor in its filling, so if the cheese is bland, you may need to correct the recipe for salt.

    Also, keep a few tapioca pancakes and go wild with them. Try different things: palta, seafood, fruit. There is a lot of possible combinations.
  3. Bito Member

    Chilean Spanish
    Oi amigo, muito abrigada pela informacao. I will try your suggestions, I didn't think you could something other than cheese. I tried tapioca a long time ago in Bahia and I fell in love with it.
    Bon dia,
  4. diego-rj

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    Pessoalmente, gosto das tapiocas doces. A de brigadeiro é uma delícia :)
  5. mglenadel

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    Agora vai ter que explicar para nossos amigos estrangeiros o que é brigadeiro… :)
  6. marta12 Senior Member

    Ah! conheço os 'brigadeiros' desde criança e não sabia que tinham sido inventados no Brasil.:confused:
  7. MarcB Senior Member

    US English
    Queijo coalho é cheese curd em inglês. é só procurar queijo coalho em youtube tem muitas recetas. Também muitas por tapioca,acho que é mais facil fazê-los com videos.

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