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  1. grumpus Senior Member

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    Hi All,
    I am new to the page. I am very interested in regionalism in the Spanish language, I hope this post is appropriate for this group.

    Coche vs Carro;
    Is there an increase of the word carro for coche particularly in Latin America? I have heard recently people in Mexico City (traditionally coche"ista" region) using carro. My assumption was that this was more of the border region (i.e. anglicism) or areas heavily influenced by the U.S. (Venezuelans also say carro). Has anyone noticed in their particular country a creeping carro "ismo" particularly in heavily coche"ista" countries such as Spain and Argentina?
  2. Misao

    Misao Senior Member

    back in Soria
    Zaragoza(Spain)- Spanish
    In Spain we continue saying "coche". We may use "auto" sometimes..."buga" is old-fashioned slang...We definitely say "coche".

  3. WillyLandron

    WillyLandron Senior Member

    English United States
    It has NOTHING to do with English. It has to do with the Spaniards who settled in Mexico as opposed to those who settled elsewhere. Carro and coche were used in these places even before there was a such thing as the United States, even before there was a permanent English settlement in North America.

    Spain and Mexico = coche
    Caribbean = carro
    Southern Cone = auto

    All three words are universally understood.

    In the Dominican Republic, some rural people say "maquina" just like in Italian. But it has nothing to do with Italians. The darn contraption is, afterall,a machine.

  4. grumpus Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
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    Hi WillyLandron,
    not sure one way or the other about the English word "car" influence, but there is definitely a north-south "carro coche" gradient in Mexico. No one who lives on the border says coche (that's a "chilanga" word"). So the Mexico = coche is not quite correct. In Argentina they say coche too.
  5. Gargoyle Senior Member

    En España usamos:
    car= coche, automóvil
    carro = carro de la compra,carro para un bebe...

  6. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    carro comes from 'cart" or 'carriage", not so much 'car'.
  7. Norawa

    Norawa Senior Member

    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Mexico (Platt-Deutsch)

    I am addressing an international Latin American audiance. How do we say "cars" in Spanish then?

    I would like people from every Latin American country to tell me how they say "cars". I would especially like the Mexican friends to help me out.

    My Usage:

    Cars can be an idol to the North Americans.

    Greeting all over:

  8. UVA-Q

    UVA-Q Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México - Español
    Hi, in a formal way: vehículo, in an informal way: coche.

    Hope it helps.
  9. kayokid

    kayokid Senior Member/Moderator

    English, USA
    Cars can be an idle idol to the North Americans. Just checking to see if this is what you mean...
  10. fenixpollo

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    Nota del moderador: En la entrada del diccionario de WordReference para "coche", aparecen una lista de hilos anteriores que se tratan del mismo tema. Por favor, busca en el diccionario antes de abrir una consulta. He unido dos hilos con el mismo tema.
  11. Norawa

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    Mexico (Platt-Deutsch)
    Yes, kayokid, sorry about by poor spelling.
  12. Californio Senior Member

    Ensenada, Mexico
    Mexico Spanish
    Hola a todos:
    En Baja California diríamos "Los carros pueden ser un ídolo para los Norteamericanos"
  13. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

    Lima limón
    Perú, Español

    En Perú decimos carro de manera general, y auto de manera algo más formal.


  14. Misao

    Misao Senior Member

    back in Soria
    Zaragoza(Spain)- Spanish
    Hola de nuevo.

    The reason why in some Latin-American countries they use "carro" is due to the old Spanish word for the old carriages dragged by horses. They were indeed "carros" and as an evolution of the machine, they probably continued using the same word, althought the functioning was different.

    This is, of course, only me doing conjections...

    I never thought it was because of the English influence (car)


  15. valdo Senior Member

    Riga, Latvia
    Latvia, Latvian
    En Chile se dice "tocomocho" o simplemente "toco".....

  16. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Diciendo automóvil te entienden en todas partes.
  17. UVA-Q

    UVA-Q Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México - Español
    ;) Estoy de acuerdo
  18. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Qué fallo más tonto. Gracias, UVA-Q.
  19. Samsa Senior Member

    Madrid, España

    Carro. (Del lat. carrus, y este del galo carros).

    9. m. Am. coche (vehículo automóvil).

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