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    Comment dit-on "cockblocked" en francais?
    Welcome to the forum, ceisenbe :).

    Our rules state that you must give context. )See rule 5 here: Rules/FAQ.) An example sentence is a minimum immediate context, and an explanation of, or comment on, specialist or technical terms is a very good idea.

    The major "urban dictionary" definitions show that there are at least two major meanings of "cockblocked", one sexual and the other a motoring term. Any answers given until you tell us what you mean are a waste of time for future readers of the thread, just like this post, so will have to be deleted, just as this post will be.


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    How do you say "cockblock" in French? Cockblock being when a guy or girl is trying to have sex with another guy or girl and a third party (maybe a friend of either of the other two people or maybe another person who wants one of the others) does or says something that completely destroys the first persons chances.



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    :warn: For the record, this phrase is vulgar and will be offensive to some people.

    I ran a couple of google searches. You can see the English word used as a noun or adjective on French language forums and chatboards... i.e., saying that someone is un/une cockblock or calling someone une copine cockblock. But in the grand scheme of things, the English word isn't used very frequently, and it seems that people generally have to ask what it means, so it isn't widely understood in French. I also saw it used as a verb a few times, with a Frenchified spelling: cockbloquer

    I have seen a couple translations used to explain what the action is: cassage de coup, blocage de queue... but none of them seem to be actually used in and of themselves (only to define the English word). I also saw the person defined as un obstacle.

    In short, I couldn't find a true equivalent in French slang... but wait for the native speakers to help.


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    "empêcher quelqu'un de conclure"
    (less vulgar, I know)

    I also like the idea "Il m'a cassé mon coup." which was suggested here.