coco plat(haricot)

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    C'est un haricot vert large et tt à fait plat. On me propose broad bean ou runner bean. A ma connaissance ce haricot se mange tjrs avec la cosse, comme le haricot vert très répandu. J'apprécierais en particulier l'appellation au RU. Merci.
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    But 'mangetout' is not quite the same thing. I think it may be a lima or butter bean. See here
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    codes internationaux:
    helda/flat beans
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    The term 'runner bean' is not as commonly used as "Italian Flat Bean." You may want to see the following web site:
    www (dot) foodsubs (dot) com/Snapbean.html
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    Thank you for your information. Are these terms taken from some official source, and if so, which? Regards: Artrad

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