cocoa and hazelnut cream

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  1. Riveritos Senior Member

    Is this translation correct? I seems too long to me
    Wafers with cocoa and hazelnut cream
    Oplatek plněný kakaovým krémem a krémem z lískových oříšků
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hrdlodus

    Hrdlodus Senior Member

    It can be used.
    Much better is "Oplatka plněná...".
    Then can be used other variants:
    ... kakaovým a lískooříškovým krémem
  3. albrgt Member

    No, the translation is not correct. We are talking about just one type of cream (cocoa and hazelnut, like Nutella), whereas the Czech translation suggests there are two different creams used (cocoa cream and hazelnut cream). It's like making two sauces out of the honey and mustard sauce!

    I think the expression "plněný oříško-čokoládovým krémem" is most appropriate, although you might object that cocoa is not chocolate.
  4. albrgt Member

    Oh, and as to the difference between "oplatek" and "oplatka", there are two regional varieties: oplatka (f.) in Bohemia and oplatek (m.) in Moravia. Both are correct. In your translation, the plural form "oplatky plněné..." should be used, as the original is in plural.
  5. Hrdlodus

    Hrdlodus Senior Member

    Yes, oplatky, I didnt look at plural wafers.
    So, maybe, kakaové oplatky s lískovými oříšky. (Now there must be at least little pieces of hazelnuts.)
    But it's all about what exactly that wafer is and about marketing. Then there are several ways how to name it.

    (Nice advert is with Twix: "The left Twix is by chocolate "polévána", but on the right Twix is chocolate "nanášena". (Both is the same.) So now are both Twix complete different and they have together only packaging.")
  6. risa2000 Member

    albrgt has nailed it, I would just add lískový into the picture: Oplatky plněné krémem z kakaa a lískových oříšků.

    Hrdlodus, kakaové oplatky are wafers made of cocoa, also lískové oříšky are hazelnuts, while here we talk about hazelnut cream.

    The only question remains, if wafers are really oplatky (~ manufacterd in factory), or rather wafle (~ made fresh at an occasion, or at the stand in the street), as original with does not directly suggest they are filled = plněné.

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