cod of his net

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Minor needed now to pay absolutely scrupulous regard to what he read, to trawl religiously for whatever happened to be needed by Muuray's team, and eventually to select from the cod of his net the very best possible entries to send away to be included in the book

What does in this context "cod of his net" means?

  • cuchuflete

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    Hello Arturolczykowski,

    Backround would be helpful. Is this about the creation of the OED? Is that Muray or Murray or Muuray?

    There is an extended metaphor in play here. It begins with "trawl religiously". That suggests careful gathering of something in a net. It continues with "cod of his net", which I take to mean "what was caught by trawling".

    More context would be useful.
    The cod is a type of fish.

    The image here is of a cod fisherman who is "trawling" by drawing his fishing net behind his boat. When the net is pulled into the boat, the fisherman will select which of his cod will be thrown back into the sea, and which will be kept and sent to market.

    Here, the "fishing" is for words -- one may look in literature for examples of how a word is used, and find many, but some examples are better than others. Just as the fisherman will sort through the codfish he has in his net for the best ones to send to market, the researcher will sort through his usage examples for the best ones to send for use in the dictionary.
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