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What does "cod piece" means in a context of clothing?

I found it in the following quiz..

Which is the coolest underutilized clothing item?
Top Hat
Cod Piece

Thank you!
  • You little ripper!

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    Australian English
    Questa si direbbe una "conchiglia", protezione usata dagli sportivi :)

    Da codpiece in English Only:
    "My understanding is that a box is worn for protection and a codpiece for emphasis"

    È così? :D
    I don't know what is refered to by the box but as far as the codpiece goes I'm sure it has both the function of protection and emphasis. A couple of socks tucked nicely therein will also help with the latter. ;)


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    United States
    I am sure that is correct - a box is used (in baseball, cricket etc.) for protection and a codpiece for emphasis. I think Aussiebum are trying to reinstate its use!
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