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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone may have any insight into what "Codes UV" might be in reference to? This is for a transcript from Cameroon and is referring to various courses that the student has taken.

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    Hi. I'm looking at a music certificate ("Diplôme d'Études Musicales") and after "au vu des récompenses suivantes", it lists three course components, each with a "mention" of some kind. For the third component (chamber music), it has "UV mention Très-bien". I understand that in a university context, "UV" normally means "credit" (sometimes "course") and presume it means one of these here (unless some music expert knows different) but would this be a university credit? Is it saying that this music certificate can count as credit towards a university course, or is it just some sort of music-learning credit? Or should it be translated as "course" here?
    In case it helps, the diploma is awarded by the "CNRR" or "Conservatoire National à Rayonnement Régional".
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    Un conservatoire n'a pas besoin de donner d'ECTS puisqu'il ne délivre pas de diplômes nationaux (LMD) .
    L'université peut toutefois accorder une équivalence.
    NB: Suivant les CRR, il peut y avoir des "accords" spécifiques.


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    Thanks Al'x and jetset. I won't try to complicate matters, then. I'll just call it a credit.

    "Unit Credit with Honours (Excellent)"
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